These instructions include how to log in and set up OneLogin for the first time, as well as setting up the two factor authentication methods included with OneLogin.

OneLogin will be used for several applications and it requires MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

Setting Up OneLogin for the First Time (This step must be completed on a desktop)

There are currently two ways to access OneLogin:


Enter Drury email and password- same as logging into MyDrury or Drury email.


Set up Multi-Factor authentication (MFA). You can select more than one and change these options later.


Select your preferred form of MFA. 

    1. OneLogin Protect App (very secure - recommended)
    2. Microsoft Authenticator (very secure)
    3. Google Authenticator (very secure)
    4. Alternate email (less secure) This option will allow you to enter a NON Drury email.  This email will be used to send the login verification token. It will also be the email to help with password reset.



OneLogin Protect App Setup:

  1. Download the OneLogin Protect App from your phone’s app store.

    One Login App 

  2. Open the app and select the + to add a new account. 

  3. Scan the QR code with your phone. 




    4.After the app is installed, click “Activate” on the desktop screen. Select “Accept” on the OneLogin Protect App. 

          Activate One Login